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Meet Lenora

Lenora Dawson is a senior staff member for the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, with a work portfolio that includes serving as the Office’s intergovernmental liaison and legislative affairs officer.  She also develops, manages, and evaluates educational seminars and support programs for the Office, and oversees the Office’s community affairs and constituent services. Her passion for excellence on the job is matched only by her desire to help her team deliver that same level of excellence to the residents they serve. 

A certified mediator, Lenora’s work experience includes years as a small business owner. Her services focused on trauma recovery, emotional development, and relationship building for clients throughout the Baltimore Region. Whether in public service or the private sector, her expertise is in bridging professional divides and facilitating personal development, so that people and programs fulfill their potential no matter the barriers they face. Lenora believes that everyone has the ability to thrive, and prides herself on helping ensure their ability meets opportunity. 

Even when she’s off the clock, Lenora spends her time serving the community. She is a panelist for the Aspen Institute’s Roundtable on Community Change, a member of the League of Women Voters, and a former board member at Advocates for Children and Youth. The joy she takes in lifting up her neighbors is what keeps her working for them far beyond 9AM-5PM. 

A lifelong Baltimore resident, Lenora’s education is rooted in the community. She holds a Masters in Applied Psychology, Conflict Management and Negotiation from the University of Baltimore, which she attended after graduating summa cum laude from Morgan State University and Baltimore City Community College. Lenora is a proud mother to her 16-year old son Jakobi, who attends Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.